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Rooting your android or tablet without using PC | so simple and easy

Today’s topic is rooting your android or tablet without using PC, am going to teach you how you can do this without any further assistance from anyone.

What does rooting mean?
Rooting your android or tablet simply mean by passing android protection which allow you to have full access to many features including those that are hiding from you, also it enable you to install as much application as possible on your phone and it gives the ability to remove an application anytime including granting permission.  I know you won’t find it difficult at the end of this tutorial you will be able to root your phone perfectly.

Kingoroot is available for both Desktop and Android. You can click hereto download Kingoroot apk on your Android device. Otherwise download Kingoroot tool on your desktop pc and root the device while connected to the PC. You can also click here to know more or download the latest version of the kingoroot
Note: You need good network connection in order to download the software needed for this operation.

Don’t download from any far website because they might not have the latest version so is better going to their website directly.

== > After downloading just click install and launch then open it.
Note: It first access your phone if it’s already rooted, if it is not then it proceed.
At this point your rooting started loading from 1% going through100%.......

== > During the installation you might have some decision to make  like do you want to bypass android protection

 Click I understand Install anyway

After counting up to 100% then rooting android or tablet is properly accomplished
Then go back to your phone menu you would see kingroot and kinguser just click on kingroot to confirm if this is perfectly done.
Note: during rooting your android or tablet you are not meant to switch off your phone or mobile connection
When your rooting is properly done then it allow you to tweak, change your phone, download custom phone and soon.

We have some features under Kinguser ones it is rooted properly, on this kinguser you can perform many things pertaining to your installation.  If you click on Install tool it allow you to Install several applications, pre-install app, system app, personal app. Don’t be surprise you’ve perform rooting android very simple so keep enjoying your unlimited android applications.

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