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Facebook Request Input From People About Censorship And Terrorism

I believe if you must be fans of any social platform then it must be Facebook because it has high number of users, It is design with simple and friendly interface, checking the review it is highly rated and use world widely. Facebook is working on security everyday and night to ensue that users has maximum security and privacy though some peoples account are being stumbled upon by hackers yet Facebook never relent on keeping people safe from those culprit. 

Facebook’s post about how it deals with terrorism is much less of a conversation starter, and instead mainly lists ways its combating their propaganda with AI, human staff, and partnerships.

Here are Facebook’s methods for combating terrorism on its social network:
  •  Image matching to prevent repeat uploads of banned terrorism content
  • Language understanding via algorithms that lets Facebook identify text that supports terrorism and hunt down similar text.
  • Removing terrorist clusters by looking for accounts connected to or similar to those removed for terrorism.
  • Detecting and blocking terrorist recidivism by identifying patterns indicating someone is re-signing up after being removed.
  • Cross-platform collaboration allows Facebook to take action against terrorists on Instagram and WhatsApp too.
  • Facebook employs thousands of moderators to review flagged content including emergency specialists for handling law enforcement requests, is hiring 3,000 more moderators, and staffs over 150 experts solely focused on countering terrorism.
  • Facebook partners with other tech companies like Twitter and YouTube to share fingerprints of terrorist content, it receives briefings for government agencies around the world, and supports programs for counterspeech and anti-extremism.

Dont forget you can stillsend your suggestions, Ideas and Opinions given as feedback via the email provided, hardquestions@fb.com . All suggestions and Idea welcome just send yours today.

Transparency Doesn’t Alleviate Urgency

Facebook has to figure out how to exist as “not a traditional media company” as Zuckerberg referred to it. The social network is simultaneously an open technology platform that’s just a skeleton fleshed out by what users volunteer, but also an editorialized publisher that makes value judgements about what’s informative or entertaining, and what’s misleading or distracting.

It’s wise of Facebook to pose these questions publicly rather than letting them fester in the dark. Perhaps the transparency will give people the peace of mind that Facebook is at least thinking hard about these issues. The question is whether this transparency gives Facebook leeway to act cautiously when the problems are urgent yet it’s earning billions in profit per quarter. It’s not enough just to crowd source feedback and solutions. Facebook must enact them even if they hamper its business.

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