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How To Delete All Contact on a Click on Android

How to delete all contact or multiple contact on android phone is a question being asked by some people though is sounds simple but some people still don't know how to do this on a go, you are going to have few steps to do this and is very easy to understand. I hope you understand what deleting means, I don't have to explain this , so straight to the business. we have two method to accomplished this but most people only understand one method which might look so tedious and stressful marking all contact while don't you go for the second method which am going to teach now.

How to delete all contact on a Click

Method One

  • Go to contacts app in your phone; than hold on any contacts for few seconds, now select multiple contacts and than delete, don’t try to delete multiple contacts from dialer.

Method Two

Here you need to use third party app which helps you to do this on a go

  • Go to phone “setting” open “app or app manager” open the “contacts” than tap on “storage

  • Now tap on “Clear Data” and “Clear cache” remember this is will delete all contacts, and  you wont be able to recover it ones you click on clear

In conclusion, using this method is very simple and ease the stress of going through long process to delete your contact on your android. 

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