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Download Free WhatsApp | How to enjoy computer version of Whatsapp using QR Code

In the recent post we talked about cloning your whatsapp account or any third party whatsapp account on your android phone to monitor or spy on chats, some steps were highlighted on how these can be accomplished.

Today post is similar with just little difference, this clone will be done on PC , dont see it to be big deal it is very simple to accomplished using your QR code. WhatsApp is ones of the popular IM app that you find on all smartphones even some phone comes with whatsapp directly from manufacturer so its popular and most rated app in store. Whatsapp is good connecting with friends and family , you send files and documents via your whatsapp , whatsapp voice and video call are not left out all these are good part of whatsapp though it has also cause alot of havoc to some relationship in the sense that many home have been wrecked using so called whatsapp social media and some other instant messengers platforms. 

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Once you tap on send within seconds you find it delivered without any delay even if you later delete the message it doesn't disturb the message being deliver to the destination so its one of the delicate IM to work with.I have an idea on how to stop whatsapp message sent before it reaches destination though have never test if its going to work out, I will update you guys as soon as it works.

I will showing you how to Clone your whatsapp account or third party account on PC to monitor chats, remember it is against the policy to look into another persons affairs without his or her consent so I will not be responsible for anything that may happen thereafter or for any break up relationship.


>> You need PC
>> Third Party phone(Whatsapp Account)
>> Working internet connection on PC and Third party smartphone

  • Connect your PC to internet
  • Go to your browser and type it loads and show QR Code which lasted for some minute.
  • On the smartphone you want to connect , go to setting on whatsApp Web/Desktop
  • Hold your phone portriat to capture the QR code showing on your PC screen.

As soon as it show mark sign then you start recieving all messages and also chat side by side. Third party or victim whatsapp account is also allow to chat and recieve messages too.

>> Mac OS X 10.9 and higher
>> Windows 8 and higher (64-bit version)
>> Windows 8 and higher (32-bit version)
Note: Everyone is entitle to his or her privacy but if you think your girlfriend or lovers is cheating on you and you want to spy on his or her account to get along with chat history then you can follow the above process if the need be otherwise discard, you can also use to monitor your person whatsapp account for easy chat on PC. You can also download Whtasapp web app on windows and other OS

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