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How to Clone Whatsapp Application to monitor your girlfriends chat | Download Clone WhatsWeb Application

If you sense your girl friend is cheating on you or you want to monitor someones chat on whatsapp then today you are going to learn how to clone whatsapp application to monitor someones chat. This may sounds funny but the best way to spy on someones chat is using whatsWeb clone application.

Whatsapp is one of the trending social media app that 70% of people love to install, With whatsapp you enjoy unlimited chat with your family and friends, share files and documents and also send pictures and video. I'm happy to inform you that whatsapp is one of the high rated app in the store.

Now to the business, I will be showing you some steps to follow on how to clone whatsapp on your Android phone to monitor and spy on your girl friends chat, this is very simple to accomplished.
Flirters has used WhatsApp to conide with their side chicks, arrange days and venues of meeting and lots more. So if you really want to know who your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend is chatting with on WhatsApp, you can download this clone version

Note: You are not to interfere into another persons affairs so this post is not to bring about separation or ruine relationship, Also remember it's against human right and even WhatsApp TOC to spy on someone's whatsapp chat without his or her consent, so I am not responsible for any break up relationship.

Whatsapp clone is application that works with QR code, you connect to other phone via QR code. Once the QR code of a whatsapp account is scanned, it will automatically authenticate and connect and then you start receiving all messages from the connected account while the original owner of the account receive messages and chat conveniently.

>> Your Android Phone
>> WhatsApp Clone App (Clone WhatsWeb)
>> Access to third party whatsapp account
>> Internet connection on both devices.


  • Downloaded Clone WhatsWeb Application
  • Download Clone WhatsWeb App apk
  • Next, Install the Clone WhatsWeb app
  • You can enter a new password to secure your WhatsApp clone (this is optional)
  • Launch the Whatsapp Clone app you installed and you’ll see a QR code
  • Then open the victims phone >> from the chat screen >> Navigate to menu >> WhatsApp web
  • Now scan the QR code to the victims WhatsApp Web

In conclusion, this post is to educate and not to intrude into anyone's affair neither break up relationship so use this clone app wisely. Note that you need to have access to third party phone before this can work out because it works with QR code that is you need to scan QR code of the other party whatsapp account. Once you connect you have it for lifetime except when you format your phone or delete the account.

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