Apple enables QR Codes Scan using camera to scan third party apps on latest iOS 11 - TECH NEWS AND TRICKS


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Apple enables QR Codes Scan using camera to scan third party apps on latest iOS 11

iOS 11 will be one of the best iOS so far from Apple as they keep embedding more feature to make it interesting. There are so many un-imaginable features which has been included and also allow other older version to update to iOS 11 in order to enjoy better feature.

Now with iOS 11 you have the ability to scan QR codes with your iPhone camera without the use of any software or special tool.QR codes are square pixel-looking images that include some bit of data, like a website URL, phone number, address, calendar data, and more. Scanning a code triggers an action such as visiting a website or adding a contact card to address book app.

Here you will need a capable app that helps you recognize your QR code if you are not using iOS 11 or iPhone but if you are using iOS 11 , your iPhone or iPad has inbuilt function in camera app that allow you you to do this easily.

Photo: MacObserver

How to enable Scan QR Codes
First make sure QR code scanning is enabled on your iPhone or iPad.

Launch Settings
Tap Camera
Turn on Scan QR Codes

As soon as your QR code is turn on , then you can launch camera to start scanning and make sure the picture falls in the rectangular box , when the camera detect the QR code then it trigger the action on what you want it to do whether to visit a URL of a website or to install an app. These method allow you to clone your whatsApp on another smartphone or pc which was one of one of my recent post , you can follow the link provided above to read full post.

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