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Facebook added Account Switcher to the Top bar, Check it out

Facebook added switcher to give you free switch between many accounts, if you have many accounts you manage using the same browser, you don't have to log out or sign out one account before you can have access to the other account , all you need to do is clicking on switcher then you log in to another account.

I'm posting for those that are unaware about these, most of the time we don't take notice of the update that happen on our platform, am using these as flashlight to open your eye and check. 

Facebook is a very social platform that millions of people access at the same time without any error or problem, it is designed in a robust way to allow everyone to have access simultaneously. 

These features is available on app already ,am talking about using browser though not everyone uses browser but for those that go on web then you can enjoy this, you notice these switcher close to your profile name, check the picture above, you notice a red box , that's your Facebook Switcher icon. keep enjoying your Facebook platform 

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