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How to check your GTBank GT Coins via USSD Service Code and Internet Banking

GTBank added another features to their services as they join cryptocurrency world, cryptocurrency have being the trending story line in the world news and everywhere that everybody will love to read about.

Ever since the world of cryptocurrency emerge some years ago, Bitcoin has taken the lead sitting at the center stage and still leading.

Cryptocurrency have been able to succeed and serve its market purpose with the help of block chain technology, with no iota of doubt this is an answer to world economic. Click here to read more about Cryptocurrency

GTBank has join the trend by giving their customers Coin called GT coin though most customers were unaware about the new service added, even those that are aware don’t know what is meant for.
Getting GT coin is attached to 737 mobile service code, the more you use 737 the more your coin increase and these have been confirmed by several users of the service.

The coins are credited to users account every time a transaction is made using the 737 service but the question from most users is what is the coin meant for? Good this is very simple, 737 is one of the easy access code throughout the world, no internet services need before you can have access and also make everything easy for you. With these code you can perform a lot of transactions, airtime purchase, bank transfer, checking balance and many more dial *737# to check.

Coins is the reward given whenever you use this code, GTBank have been looking for ways to reward their customer and these have been one of the service to compensate customer.

How to start earning your point?
It is every simple, no extra charge keep using *737# to increase your points.

How to use GT Coin
GT coin cannot withdrawal as cash, you only use it to load airtime directly to your phone, and it support all network provider in Nigeria and probably other country. Before you can redeem your coin you need up to 200coins/points to load N1000 airtime. Though these might look so small but far better than when there was no reward attachment.

How to check your GT coin
We have two method of checking your points, these can be checked through the internet banking using browser and using 737 service code.

Method One Using 737

It’s very easy and simple just as you normally check your balance, dial *737*99# then choose 3 to check points and 4 to Redeem your points.

Method Two Via Internet Banking 
If you check using the method One and it display 0.0point because a user complain about that , the alternative is using internet banking process, launch your browser and type in the address bar and log in to your account.

On the left hand side you see My Accounts & GTCoins , scroll down and click on Redeem Coins. You will see your coins highlighted in the first box with your coin and you can also redeem your code if you have up enough coin.

Note: Using this service is free, no extra charge

GTBank don’t need to persuade customers again like before when you enter banking hall they ask you what you want to do so that they can refer you to the 737 table but now you do it willingly because of the reward attached, nice marketing strategy.

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