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New Firefox Quantum Upgrade is not giving us what we want, User Complain

One of the most enjoyed browser in the recent time is Mozilla but it like they are turning everything around giving us less satisfaction. This are users complaint when Firefox decided to bring up upgrade on their software, though it has a very fine interface but it’s to stocked with too much themes and plugins said by a user.

According to the Founders reply to the comments, he said the Firefox is fast as it was a year ago, Mozilla claimed not to be fast on startup alone but remains zippy even when taxed by multitudes of tabs.
He said “We have a better balance of memory to performance than all other browser".

User Comment
I agree with you. I only used Firefox at one time, and now if fails to perform on a lot of video, on captcha and on my e-mail page. I have switched to Pale moon and Chromium. Really all browsers are fast enough not to notice a difference in speed, just performance.

In his conversation he said "We use 30 percent less memory, and the reason for that is we can allocate the number of processes Firefox uses on your computer based on the hardware that you have" but some users didn’t agree with that base on individual experience.

I think the main purpose of upgrade is to bring up the best other way round, they left what supposed to be done, nothing have been done about Firefox crashing report, up till now the crashing issue still keep occurring and yet they jam-packed the new update with a lot of distraction.

Features Embedded
In addition to the further discussion he said, these Quantum is designed to bring the old time users back, that is those people that had left Firefox for decade for Chrome.

He said, Mozilla had made Google its default search engine provider to enhance better and quick search.
"Quantum's arrival also coincides with what seems like increasing disaffection among both users of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge,"

User Comment
I don't know what networks others are using, but I don't notice any appreciable difference in speed among browsers.
FF Quantum is crap. I've used Firefox since it was Netscape and I'm saying this. They don't have to worry about Chrome, they're the ones driving it over a cliff.

Mozilla Firefox target users mind to give the best but it’s like the song sang is not sweet to users listening not to talk of dancing to it, what’s your opinion and comment about the new Firefox Quantum?.

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