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Smartphone 2018: 7 Best Smartphone with good battery life span

We have many smartphones released last year with a lot of testimonies from users and hoping for more this year as we have Samsung S9, S9+, P11 and many more coming this year. In the report gave last year it was said that the phone will be released first quarter of this 2018 which is happen to be before march.


But finally Samsung has announce the released date to be 25th of February and the product enters market starting from 26th on sales. The astonishing part of the report is that S9 is not coming alone , it is coming along with S9+ which will be launch the same days. We have the features and specification released some days ago base on the leaked out from different sources. Also hoping to have P11 revealed before the end of first quarter if they are going to stick to their words.

Briefly today, we will like to bring these to you , if you are aiming to get a good functionality phone , here are the list of the smartphones you can go for , they have good and standard battery that can last longer than expected on 3G network.

We aware that battery life is a major selling point for any device, smartphone manufacturers now often tout how long a battery could feasibly last given its technical specifications. Despite this type of specificity, how do we know for sure that a phone’s battery will last as long as the manufacture says?

Some of the devices listed here are tested by users and we dwell on thier report to give you these, they always have long lasting battery life span. Even take you up to complete 24hours or more depending on usage.

One of the reort from digitaltrends says "We tested devices that are already known for their battery life — the LG V30, iPhone X, Essential Phone, etc. — and are fairly common place in today’s market. We removed the SIM card from each, connected them to the same gigabit Wi-Fi network, and played a YouTube video on loop until each phone died".

Check the List Here
SmartphoneRun Time
Essential Phone 8 hours 14 minutes
Samsung Note 811 hours 11 minutes
LG V3010 hours 58 minutes
iPhone X9 hours 10 minutes
One Plus 5T10 hours 54 minutes
Google Pixel 2 XL9 hours 12 minutes
Huawei Mate 10 Pro11 hours 22 minutes

We have many smartphone in the market but you wont be allow to test at the slot or spot where you buy but we have make everything easy providing you the battery duration and the list of phone you can ever order for whenever youwant to get a phone, all these phones are superb and will surely give you the best you desired.

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