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Bug fixer will be released soon by Facebook to solve two-factor authentication issue

We all know Facebook to be one of the popular social media platform that connect millions of user across the globe, Facebook has the largest user all over the globe, currently they have over one billion download and still counting.

Facebook has been concern about the security aspect of their platform including apps, after several users have submitted their phone number for two-factor-authentication and yet no security was put in place, the company have admitted the mistake that there was a bug and has promised to roll out a fix as soon as possible.
Here are the says “It was not our intention to send non-security-related SMS notifications to these phone numbers, and I am sorry for any inconvenience these messages might have caused,” Alex Stamos, Facebook Chief Security Officer, said in a post late on Friday. People asked Facebook why their responses to these notifications appeared as status updates on the social media platform. 
“For years, before the ubiquity of smartphones, we supported posting to Facebook via text message, but this feature is less useful these days. As a result, we are working to deprecate this functionality soon,” Stamos added. Facebook has promised to roll out a fix soon that will stop non-security-related notifications.
“We are working to ensure that people who sign up for two-factor authentication won’t receive non-security-related notifications from us unless they specifically choose to receive them. We expect to have the fixes in place in the coming days,” the Facebook executive said. 
“To reiterate, this was not an intentional decision; this was a bug,” he added. According to Engadget, until Facebook rolls out a fix, those affected by the bug can go to Settings and then to Notifications to switch off text notifications. 

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