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Android P has improve on Charging Sounds feature and it's now working perfectly

We always felt bad when we plug our and getting to the socket we discover that it has not been charging over many hours, that just the worse moment you could ever have. Some Infinix with latest OS version is now having charging sound feature (HOT 4) though the sound don't always regular. It has been spotted right with Android P again to have come with charging sounds features.

No more fear when you are charging again, because once your charger shake or someone touches your phone, it easily make a sound and that saves wasting time charging over hours and discovered later that it is not charging.

Prior to Android P, Google did include an option for “Charging sounds” under Settings >> Sound >> Advanced. While that sure gives the impression that activating it would produce an alert whenever you charge your phone, the not-quite-intuitive reality of the situation was that the charging-alert sound effect would only be triggered when using a wireless charger.

It definitely makes sense why you'd want a little extra confirmation that everything's lined up just right when working with a sometimes-finicky wireless charger. But even as we appreciated that feedback, we still wondered if Android would ever do the same for regular, wired charging.

With this week's preview of Android P, we can finally confirm that charging sounds are now functional when using a wired USB charger.

With the USB charger , you can easily detect right from your screen if everything is working perfect.

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