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"Delete Message For Everyone" feature on WhatsApp have been extended to over 1hour

"Delete Message For Everyone" is one of the WhatsApp feature that was roll out last year, and many users have been enjoying including myself.

Even though many new features were released last year , like emoji, DND but nothing to compare to this "Delete Message For Everyone" feature. If you send message to wrong person on WhatsApp you can now delete conveniently but the good news is that they extended the during from 7minute to over 1hour. So even if user have read the message it can still be deleted, mind you Delete Message For Everyone is only available on the updated version so if you are suing the old version you might not be able to see this feature.

Voice of the majority have been heard by WhatsApp extending the time duration from 7 minutes (420 secs) to 68 minutes and 16 seconds or better put, 1 hour, 8 minutes, 16 seconds (4096 secs), in their WhatsApp Beta Version 2.18.69.

The Beta Version 2.18.69 is reported with the ability to forward stickers to other chats. Two more updates have been added to the Beta program, Beta version 2.18.70 fixes the issue with sending GIFs, while the 2.18.71 adds new addition to the voice note sending icon in a chat window.

Users can now record a portion of the voice note and lock it, in case users accidentally lets go of the recording button. Tap the Mic icon in the chat for 0.5 secs and you will be notified with new UI element that the feature has been locked. Additionally, you will be able to view the size of a specific sticker pack before downloading it.

This is new update and there's no more fear of sending messages to worng or third party , including groups, you will be allowed to delete. It is only tested on Beta Version but hoping to roll out to everyone soon.

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