Samsung is working on how to get Galaxy S9 & S9+ FM radio Supported - TECH NEWS AND TRICKS


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Samsung is working on how to get Galaxy S9 & S9+ FM radio Supported

It's like Samsung don't know which feature to include in Galaxy S9 and S9+ again than talking about FM radio, is this really important but come to think of it, how many people have time listening to FM radio. Galaxy S9 And S9+ is a phone with a larger storage space which also give room for expansion using SD card. 

With S9 and S9+ storage space you have maximum music to listen to for 24hours and would you now tell me that the next is playing FM radio? even though they have the reason for coming up with such idea but I still felt that isn't the next to think about.

I guess the only time we listen to FM is when out of connection or out of music to play then we can think about playing FM radio, but earlier this year Samsung committed to leaving FM hardward unlcoked and accessible for the upcoming phone in the U.S and Canadan, What about Nigeria? 

This is future project and will be coming very soon, but buying Galaxy S9 and S9+ depend on the carrier choice because the unlocked version will be FM enabled, only those carrier variant GS9 phones among models are supported by its app.
"Samsung mistakenly did not add the NAB FM API to the unlocked devices. Our team confirmed this with them a couple of days after release upon receiving reports the app did not work. Samsung has said it will be in the first update they do, but have not yet settled on a date.
The model numbers are SM-G960UI and SM-G965UI that do not currently work for FM. SM-G960U and SM-G965U are sold through carriers and do work for FM."
The story is spotted on NextRadio, even though they have not concluded on that but most likely to be out soon and for those with issue  and they will be able to enjoy FM soon as the bug fixer will be provided. what do you say?

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