Google is working on Play Store new look which may start rolling out soon (still on testing) - TECH NEWS AND TRICKS


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Google is working on Play Store new look which may start rolling out soon (still on testing)

Google has not thought of being attained the climax they keep striving to make the world better, recently most of the acheivement has really proved them to be the one rolling the world. 

A lots of achievement had been recorded in the past and still counting, it was posted on media that over 20,000 worker from HTC company were given job due to shutting down of the company (achievement in disguise), also recorded recently that many smartphone companies now partner with them for best sales and many of the achievement between last year and this year. 

Google developer has been on the desk working seriously on how to bring a new look to Play Store which was spotted on  Ryan and also Vishal twitter page. The new design have on testing stage and may will be concluded soon.

Checking the picture very well , it seems the new look is going to make sense and friendly bring some top app as suggestion , if you remember this was stated in one of our post that play store now suggest app to the users, I think the feature will now be effective.

Comparison between Old View and New View
  • Old view dont suggest any app while new design view suggest related and top app just belwo the install button
  • Old view don't show related app under privacy while new look now show related app to the installation (Ads). And many more features coming.

Be reminded that this new look is still under design and may not be out now , that mean we stick to the old design for now until it is finally concluded, though some changes can still be make on it because it seems Google is yet to be consistence on where to put the new feature, all users should expect new look soon.

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