Huawei is now focusing more on releasing flexible foldable phone before December - TECH NEWS AND TRICKS


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Huawei is now focusing more on releasing flexible foldable phone before December

Huawei is taking the technology to complex angle, they are really working on the next foldable phone which has being a proposed project for many year but they are not getting slow with it again. They want the work to be fast in order to have it launched before the end of this year.

According to report that, Huawei want it completed as soon as possible as Samsung promise releasing their own this year even though we have not seen any green light but we know Samsung to always stick to their word so hoping to see it being launched soon.

I think what motivate Huwaei is the existing foldable black rectangle by Xperia Play and LG G Flex thought the picture doesn't look like the screen is foldable. 

Currently Huawei is now on the move to sign some agreement with various manufacturer tasked with making component for the device which is targeted to be coming out by November, one month ahead of Samsung Galaxy X unveil.

The phone will likely have an OLED screen, but it's not clear where the display panel would come from. Huawei typically uses OLEDs from Samsung, but has recently started buying from LG as well. Samsung might want to keep its foldable panels to itself, at least initially, and LG isn't expected to offer foldable OLEDs until 2019.

It is good coming with such invention but the durability of the phone needed to be considered and if it is properly put into consideration then it's a nice and welcome invention and will be happy seeing other diving into it

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