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No more update support for Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 ,S6 Edge+ and S6 Active

Life is all about stages and it's also occur in the technology world, day by day everything keep become new and different. If you have Galaxy S5 as at 3 or 4 years ago honestly you are a super-man but now it's old telling you that you need latest.

Recently Samsung released sets of Galaxy S series and Note Series that will receive software update while some are not relevant, currently your Galaxy S6, S6 Edege+ ,S6 and S6 Active wont be able to support update.

According to Samsung practice they always release some set of phones that will get new software update base on monthly and quarterly but in both two assessment none of those phones mentioned above feature that mean they remain the same and keep managing the old updates.

Meanwhile Galaxy S6 was the first smartphone to has a good design and as at then it was so superb capturing customers, a lot of sales were made due to viral hype on social media and other just like the coming of Galaxy S9 and S9+.

Here are the list released for Monthly Security Updates

  • Galaxy S series (S9, S9+, S8+, S8 Active, S7, S7 Edge , S7 Active)
  • Galaxy Note Series (Note 8, Note 5)
  • Galaxy A series (A5, A5, A8)

Here are the list released for Quarterly Security Updates

  • Galaxy A3 , Galaxy A7
  • Galaxy J1 Mini, Galaxy J1 Prime
  • Galaxy J2, Galaxy J5, Galaxy J7
  • Galaxy J3 Pro, Galaxy J3 Pop, Galaxy J7 Pop
  • Galaxy J3, Galaxy J5, Galaxy J7, Galaxy J7 Max, Galaxy J7 Neo
  • Galaxy A8+, Galaxy J2
  • Galaxy Tab S2 L Refresh, Galaxy Tab S2 S Refresh 
  • Galaxy Tab S3 9.7, Galaxy Tab Active2, Galaxy Tab 10.1
  • Note FE

Those are the listed smartphones that will be getting update soon, some of these phones look unfamiliar to some people but checking through you would noticed those one you familiar with are not on the list that mean they are becoming obsolete even though they are still in market but not update rolling out to them , for instant Galaxy S5 and GS6 had been launched as far back as 2015, 2016 and yet they wont be getting update that mean they will stick to 3 years update , that isn't back though.

Samsung is telling you to buy new phone and keep following the trend , don't forget we have S8/S8+ and S9/S9+ trending ,so feel free to order one, currently buying S9 or S9+ you have free wireless charger stand for yourself. 

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