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See Mathematical analysis of how much data you spend on Whatsapp voice call

Whatsapp has now become the main chatting app for almost average people because of the impressive features. Last year Whatsapp roll out a lot of update which everyone have been enjoying even up till.

Here are some listed features that you may not aware of, new emoji has been updated if you are close friend to your Whatsapp , not only that "Delete For Everyone" feature was also included which make it very interesting, what do that do? have you notice that if not that mean you are suing old version of Whatsapp click here to update. 

"Delete For Everyone" allow you to delete any message posted wrongly to third party even if it has been check yet it will disappear from the users chatting list, the interesting part of the story is that the deletion time have been increase from 10min to about 1hr plus which make it more flexible, mind you the deletion is applicable to group.

Another spotted feature is DND (Do-Not-Disturb) button that allow you to put your app in a state of rest when you don't fill like receiving message from anyone or group, tapping on the button like wireless logo , prompt you message that you want to "Enable DND Mode - DND Mode- if enable, you will not receive or send any messages until you disable it" then you accept or cancel.

Many features have been spotted with whatsapp and it has given it strong stand among the other apps, hope you are also aware of calling via whatsapp, it was voice call that first came before video call update and both have been enjoyed over time by users.

Now, this is mathematical analysis of how much data you charge for making whatsapp call and you find out that it is very cheap compare to normal call you make, though you may not enjoy the via when you have poor or weak network connection but serve you better when strong connection is established, not even skipping you make call conveniently without experiencing connection break.

Be reminded that, different charges apply when you from 2G (fast), 3G(faster) and 4G(fastest) check below to know how much data you consume.

Type of Network: 2G
  • Data consumption in two minutes of call: 400KB
Type of Network: 3G
  • Data consumption in two minutes of call: 600KB.
Type of Network: 4G
  • Data consumption in two minutes of call: 1MB.

The analysis shows different charges, so when you are being charged you understand the chemistry behind your charges, Whatsapp call make sense when you have good network, can we say that the charges is too much, I think the answer should be NO!. And these has reduce the rate at which we burn or consume our call credit.

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