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Sleep mode feature is now included to Facebook Messenger for kids

Sometimes back Messenger for kids was one of the new ideology by Facebook to keep kids busy and also to keep then away from adult content. According report dished out about the motive behind releasing kids messenger, saying that it's to protect the privacy of the kids from going life online to chat with friends.

These new idea has really helped some parents to monitor their children of what they do online and who they chat with because they have control over their contact list and monitor who they chat with which had cool.

In addition to current idea and to make it efficient , Facebook has included sleep mode to the app to help parent specify when they want their children to be online during the day, scheduling some specific time in a week for them to chat with friends and others.

When the app is on sleep mode children wont be able to send or receive messages or video calls, play with the app's creative camera neither any notifications until it's remove from sleep mode. It's has been so restricted and customised with greeting "message like Messenger kids is disabled, come back later" while on sleep mode.

This is kind of nice idea which most people had buy it and these has actually safe many homes from unplanned or budgeted finance because kids can decided to go online watching live event and with this idea everything had being good. 

Don't have this app yet! It's available in playstore and you can tap on the link provided below to install and keep enjoy. With this app parent has full control over their children's account to schedule their bedtime and also to impose time to take their food and some other house chores.

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