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Sprint and T-Mobile has finally seal their coming together agreement

It seems everything is now working out for T-Mobile and Spring and they may be finally merge starting from next week due to reasonable approachable conclusion. 

If you could remember recently in one of the update posted here that they've been having issue with bank in signing their fund agreement, the two company are not really doing well in term of sales due to migration of users to other carrier like Verizon and some other strong carrier in USA. 

But they've been planning on how to come up with strong 5G network, and may be out before the end f this year or probably next year and these has being the main reason why they need fund and every effort putting in place has not been yielding positive result.

"According to speculations at the time, the reason for last year's failure stemmed from difficulties in negotiating voting control between SoftBank (Sprint's majority shareholder), and Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile's owner), resulting in a last-minute cancellation of the deal. If the report by Reuters is to be believed, that impediment has been overcome."

So with the latest update reaching now the deal is finally seal and from next week the merging might take effect and the proposed project can start immediately without no more delay.

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