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Android P is spotted to only shows four notifications icon at the top why Oreo shows more

It's another update spotted with Android P operating system. Android P or Android 9.0 is the latest upcoming OS which will be release any moment from now even though it has been tester by some users but not the full version. 

Some days back Google release open link for those with higher configuration smartphones to download and test before the finally release date.

Now the time has come that everyone will enjoy the numerous features that will be coming with the latest Android P, but the little shortcoming spotted is that it only show four notification at the top while the Oreo shows more. 

Why just four notifications?

Maybe to reduce how notifications spread out on the icon, after showing four notifications the others are merge together under the three dots beside the four notifications.

That means the other notifications are represented with dot even though the number of dots wont tell you the app that has notifications and the number of notifications that you have but might give a clue that you have more notifications.

However, after fourth notification shows and you have fifth notification then it is denoted by one dot and when you have sixth notification then denoted by two dots and seventh denoted by three dots and that's how far it can go even if you have more you just have three dots.

Google has promised the release of Android P this week though there is not affirmation on that but if they'll be sticking to their word then we'll going to have it as reported.

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