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Apple plan to Activate eSIM in iPhone XS MAX, iPhone XR and iPhone XS Later

It seems Apple is taking iPhone to next level moving from single SIM era to dual SIM, it was announced early last week about them coming with eSIM in iPhone XS, XS MAX and iPhone XR which is going serve as second SIM converter.
The report spotted says, it will have one main SIM (normal nano-SIM) and the other one will be a converter port(eSIM) which was previously spotted in iPad models.

So not only Infinix or Tecno alone that will be using dual SIM again, iPhone is diving into it as well, in my own view I think is a good idea but they should have work on allowing iPhone to start using microSD card but I think the eSIM port should accept card maybe (eCard).

The following iPhone mentioned above will not be coming with eSIM functionality at the launch but Apple will be activating it later which is going to be later this year in an iOS 12 software update.

At least if this can be make available it'll save it fans from going about with two or more phones, on the other hand we hope the company will be working on it battery as well because iPhone is known with no lasting battery.

Both numbers used with a dual-SIM iPhone can make and receive voice calls and receive SMS and MMS messages, but an iPhone can only use one cellular data network at a time. That means if one number is on a call, a call to the other number will go to voicemail. 

The activation will be make easy when the update is out, it's going to be spotted under Cellular Data, allowing you to select primary and the other will serve as secondary. And you will be able to easily make and receive calls from both numbers and switch phone numbers for a call.

This is good news though but it's not going to be available in all carriers, but in the United States, it will work with Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile devices, check the list here

Apple is currently working toward it final launch date which will be October and just after it launch they'll start working on eSIM functionality and it'll be available in all countries as reported except China and some other unnamed regions.

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