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Twitter now allow you to switch between timeline tweets in order of their most relevant

Twitter has gone so far and wide in scope connecting millions of users together, and for long they've been known rolling out latest update to it app to suit users demand. 
Recently, precisely like four months ago we learnt that Twitter roll out new emojis feature to both Android Mobile and Desktop app. 

Ever since we've been seeing many other updates , back then in 2016 we learnt that Twitter switched to an algorithm timeline which will show the tweets you most like in order of priority. Its going to show off those interesting and exciting news first.
Just some days ago Twitter started the implementation of the new algorithm as reported back then in 2016, now your twitter will now show first the best tweets first, you'll see tweets from people that you follow in reverse chronological order. 

The algorithm work in such a way that even of the setting is being disabled "show the best tweets first" you would still be able to see those news and tweets you missed.

Twitter is not done with the update yet,they're still working on an easily accessible way for you to switch between "a timeline of tweets that are most relevant to you and a timeline of the latest tweets." 

They've promise to make it available to all it users in the coming week, so if you're still using old interface then you aren't there until you update your app. 

Twitter can't fuck you guys up, they're still working on the recent frustration from it app and the company has set out APIs that made third-party app useful, like push notification and the ability to auto-refresh the timeline.

We're bringing to you according to latest report from Twitter and more will be coming soon.

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