Two-minute-video clip leaked showing how to place a business card in front of the Pixel 3 with its camera app open. - TECH NEWS AND TRICKS


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Two-minute-video clip leaked showing how to place a business card in front of the Pixel 3 with its camera app open.

As Google keep working on it upcoming pixels a lot of leaks has been release previously and since its yet the final day we should be expecting more leaks and rumours. Quickly taking a flash review, Google Pixels devices was recently announced with nice features which we had discuss on several occasion here.
Google has made it all making the different between Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL clear, one is smaller with bigger notch close to the camera while the other is bigger with smaller notch function close to camera as well, seems the different is clear.

Just ahead of it launching date we've seen another marketing video clip shared on YouTube showing some kinds of feature apart from those we've known before. We already know how to add some apps to the homescreen, nothing special if you've got Pixel 2 and 2 XL before but we still have other notable features like placing a business card in front of Pixel 3 with its camera app open.

This is how its being done, on tapping the email address on the business card, you'd going to get a prompt then taps to open Gmail and begin an email to that address. Its really simple to accomplish.

We'll not but share this as well, do you know you can get the list of the restaurant via your Gmail app, we share something like that some times back, Gmail app will highlight some restaurant names in an email, which will be recognize by Pixel 3 and offer a 'Reserve' shortcut that sends the users to OpenTable to make a reservation.

As we've earlier brought to you, Google Pixels flagships will be launch in an upcoming event in New York, after it launch then we get the full specs, price and some other unannounced features.

Just before all, we also some other interesting features as shown in the clip which include using the Quick Settings menu, scrolling down on the rear fingerprint reader to pull down the notification shade, and squeezing the sides of the Pixel 3 to launch Google Assistant.

Let keep eye on the upcoming flagships not only coming from Google, we have a lot rolling out soon just some days to Google , October is coming with loaded smartphones.

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