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Adobe now make available the full version of Photoshop CC on iPad

Gradually the monopoly use of PC is driving out as you can now make a nice design on your smartphones, we've seen Adobe Photoshop working on smartphones thought the features cannot be compare using PC at the same the time, it'll be cool having a better design without PC because not everyone could afford PC use.
If you're a designer it'll be better for you to go for PC rather than going for smartphone design because it doesn't give you a perfect professional design. However it can save your time I mean for personal use whenever you have quick editing to make.

Currently Adobe is giving us a real work on iPad just like PC, bringing latest full Photoshop CC better experience. This app will let you open and edit native PSD file either you download or saved on PC then you can open with Photoshop tools, this comes with nice features as we always have on PC which include control filters and adjustments and more.

It'll come with nice gestures as announced, it uses the same codebase as the desktop version so this enable it to work perfectly. Adobe Photoshop CC will arrive in 2019 as reported coming with some smaller set of features, immediately after it launch, it roll out the version 1.0 to the public and later dishing out the remaining features.

Mind you some of the newly release iPad is even faster than PC so it'll be cool seeing this working perfect on iPad, also Adobe introduce a couple of other pro apps with mobile support. The first is Project Gemini, which Adobe describes as a new app that's "designed to accelerate drawing and painting workflows across devices". The app brings together raster, vector, and dynamic brushes, and it'll launch first on iPad in 2019.

And then there's Premiere Rush CC. This cross-device video editing app offers capture and and edit features as well as simplified color, audio, and motion graphics. There are built-in publishing tools to make it easy to send your video to social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, and since the app syncs your projects to the cloud, you can do work on your desktop, tablet, or phone.

Premiere Rush CC is now available for desktop and iOS, and it's coming to Android in 2019. Pricing starts at $9.99 per month for individuals and goes up to $19.99 per month for teams and $29.99 per month for enterprise customers. There's also a Premiere Rush CC Starter Plan that offers all of the features of the core app and lets you export up to three projects.

Are you graphic designer which of the software do you prefer? Adobe Photoshop is a nice software that support perfect real design, it has numerous features for easy use. If you've not try it out, kindly do. The story spotted on PhoneDog you can click to ready more.

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