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Google Celebrate Nigeria Independence coming up with a new logo design

If you're internet surfer then you cannot do without Google, Google is not only popular it remain the top search engine providing you search results in a twinkle of an eye. 
Hope you're aware apart from text keyword search you can also use images and voice, its kind of notable development which has shown a dedicated level of their commitment.

Google has a lot of apps working currently, we have Gmail app, gplus, GMap, Chrome etc. Also a lot of achievement had been recorded in the time past even up till now, we learnt recently that up to a thousand of HTC engineer were paid for by Google to start working with them which absolutely bizarre which am very sure that it'll definitely affect HTC company though many fans murmur about the money given to HTC to be very small but nothing could not done since its a legal contract.
This post is not actually focusing on Google achievement just bringing a tips about it unrelenting effort. As we all know that every October 1st Nigeria celebrate Independence day, Google has decided to celebrate us in their own way designing a new logo showing off Nigeria flag colour 'Green and White'.

If you do visit your browser specifically using Google as your main search engine you would have notice this but most users don't give attention to new changes, recently Google change chrome look, how it load up page even the address bar got a new rounded corner shape which many did not notice. 

The image above shows aso rock inside semi-circle shape with Nigeria flag colour outside the semi-circle, its a nice design to say. 

In addition, we wan't to use this medium to wish our readers 'happy new month', without you guys we won't be here writing, you guys are so important to us, saying a big thanks for sticking to our blog, your comments, suggestions and idea has brought us so far. 

We look forward to serve you better, also to our sponsors you're wonderful hoping to see more of you guys. Happy new month once more.

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