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Google Pixel 3 XL phone reported with a lot of issues from users

We all remember the popular Pixel 3 XL that was released along with Pixel 3, like some weeks ago the news has been everywhere and finally we have it but its kind of hurting and absurd having a lot of issues coming with Pixel 3 XL at very early stage.
In this case that mean Pixel 2 XL and 3 XL are bird of the same feather as Pixel 2 XL was also reported to have been developing a lot of issues recently, mind you Pixel 2 XL was launched last year and since then users have been reported diverse of issue which was acted upon by Google but users aren't still satisfy while some users decided to by new phone and we aren't expecting this to happen in case of Pixel 3 XL but it seems the song is still the same.

According to report from users from Twitter, Reddit and even Google's support forums complaining about Pixel 3 XL Camera app not saving some of it photo after it's been taken and this is absolutely strange because its one of the feature enjoyed by fans and if this isn't working perfect then whats the essence going for it.  This issue was also reported by Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL which seems to be coming general in Google devices though we've had some other smartphone reported with the same issue in the past, for instance we have Galaxy S9, Moto Z2 and Nexus 5X users reporting the same whenever they ant to use Google Camera app.

Maybe its high time Google attend to this because when switch to another camera this issue don't usually come up, reporting further that after taking picture with Google Camera app it appear as a thumbnail in the gallery circle but it'll disappear if you tap on it.

A lot of issue is reported as said earlier, another complain is the speaker sound distortion or buzzing which was also reported with Pixel 2 XL up till now I couldn't just understand why this is coming with Google devices, was it a mistake on something else but seems Google will be attending to all issues together though we've not heard from google for now.

So to the affected users let give Google little time to sort out this issue once and for all.

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