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How to browse free on MTN using KPN Tunnel VPN with zero balance

Today we'll be talking about MTN free browsing cheat, at least we brought like two, three cheats on MTN which enable you to enjoy long time free internet surfing though we don't know how long this is going last so try it out as we deliver to you.
We recently discussed about latest HTTP Injector but its not working currently so here is another one in case you tried the last cheat posted here and didn't work.
We'll be using KPN Tunnel to connect to internet and with this you'll be able save your data for now.

New MTN mPulse (KPN Tunnel) Free Browsing Cheat October 2018
  • After subscribing to the mPulse plan of your choice, download the Spark KPN Tunnel App Here. (If you still have the KPN Tunnel App for the previous cheat installed, you can still use it).
  • Now download the Config File for the KPN Tunnel Here.
  • After this, upload the config file into the app.
  • Now, connect and start enjoying surfing the internet at a cheaper price.
We just discussed about how to browse free on MTN using KPN Tunnel cheat, its a tested cheat so give a try, all you need it MTN mPulse SIM and go ahead to download what needed then proceed witht the configuration.

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