Instagram roll out two new features to it app "Nametag and School Communities" - TECH NEWS AND TRICKS


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Instagram roll out two new features to it app "Nametag and School Communities"

Instagram is one of the popular social media that allow you to follow your fans and connect with million of people, not only that you are can also send message to people you follow and your followers. 
In the recent time we've seen a lot of update rolling out to the app, today we'll be discussing the latest and new update that bring about easiest way to find friends and connect with them.

Just before that hope you're aware that Instagram is owned by Facebook! Instagram has been working so hard to make everything easy for their fans.
As we bring to you Instagram now have a customizable identification card that lets people quickly find your Instagram profile when it's scanned. You can share your Nametag in the Instagram app and as well as Facebook, WhatsApp, and through text messages called Nametag.
To create a Nametag, go to your profile, select the button with the three lines in the upper right corner, and select Nametag. You can then personalize your Nametag by trying other colors and emojis and adding selfies. You can also scan someone else's Nametag at this screen by tapping the "Scan a Nametag" button at the bottom of the screen. Alternately, you can swipe right to the camera to scan a Nametag.
We also have School Communities which is the second feature we will be talking about, this will allow you to connect with other students and graduates from the same university. This feature have been testing working in U.S meanwhile it might still not start working properly because its still in test at selected universities but will expand to more schools in the coming weeks.

Currently we have Nametag working on Android and iPhone but you need to upgrade to latest version.

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