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iPhone with Verizon network won't be able to enjoy dual SIM features for now

No more waiting time as Apple finally release the latest iOS 12.1 which has been on news for long but at this point no more teases its rolling out to public as we  all know that those previous beta released was for registered developer and not everyone have access to that.
One of the features that come with iOS 12.1 is eSIM that allow iPhone XS, iPhone XS MAX and iPhone XR users to use two SIMs, so era of single SIM is fading away but its kind of unfortunate having Verizon carrier not supporting eSIM.

According to a report that immediately Verizon SIM is inserted into the secondary position mind you we have primary and secondary slot, the connection gets moved to Verizon's 2G CDMA coverage. The issue is not the 2G network but we all know that 2G network is always slower and has no MMS support.

Verizon hasn't done anything about this yet though the news has gotten to them but at the time we're reporting nothing heard from Verizon on when exactly they plan to resolve the reported issues. Even though they've talked with Apple so we're hoping to have it resolved soon probably before the end of the year.

According to explanation made by Verizon stating that your Verizon service will be degraded due to the current software configuration" if you activate another carrier's service on your iPhone's eSIM. So Verizon network users wont be able to enjoy until the problem is fixed, Verizon won't activate its service on any eSIM, including its own customers' iPhones and iPhones on other networks.

Kudos to Verizon for the bold step taking to get it resolved soon, we've known them to be one of the largest network in U.S with a lot of users so we can't wait to have this resolve in order to start enjoying this service.

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