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Twitter roll out new feature called 'Data Saver' that helps you save your data

Twitter is one of the popular social media platform connecting millions of people together, in fact many people prefer using Twitter to other platforms and that's their choice anyway. 
Recently, we saw them rolling interesting features that allow users to switch between timeline tweets in chronological order, and just before that we've seen their app coming with nice emoji for better chat and texting.

Today, here another interesting feature added to help you save data consumption both on Android and iOS. This feature is being called 'Data Saver' which will start working on activation.

How does it work?
Twitter Data Saver will help you lower the twitter app's data usage. When enabled "videos won't auto-play and lower-quality images load," says Twitter about Data Saver. "This automatically reduces your data usage for all Twitter accounts on this device."

Twitter has really done so great looking after their fans data management, for now there won't be any auto-play on any video like before. 

As said earlier this feature is now available in the updated version of Twitter both on Android and iOS. Meanwhile some carriers now offer unlimited data plans, there are still lots of fans out there with a monthly allotment of cellular data, and so they've got to be a bit careful about how they use that data. With this Data Saver feature, Twitter users can continue to browse Twitter and view its content while conserving data in case they need it in the future.

According to the release notes for today's Twitter update in the iOS App Store, this new version of Twitter also includes:
  • A simpler way to manage who's in your group messages
  • Improvements to how people interact with polls using VoiceOver
  • Better labels for certain types of ads

Twitter new feature update is currently available on Android and iOS, mind you if you're still using old version you might not have the feature working and that's consuming wasting your data, so go ahead and update your app.

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