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Apple is currently working on 5G iPhone but wont be deployed until 2020

Have you heard what Apple is currently working on? Gradually technology is shifting away from 4G network as we've seen a lot of carriers coming with 5G networks. We've heard about Verizon and even Sprint working on 5G network but none of them has succeeded even though we learnt that Verizon try some tricks out but never push out to all.
In view of this we've seen Apple working currently on iPhone with 5G network which is going to serve more better to it fans. We all know what 4G offers and hoping to have more and suitable service to improve on the existing trending network.

Many people have been waiting to have this rolling out ever since it announcement but never still burst out on when exactly they'll be coming with that, finally its here as they make it known to the public announcing 2020 coming with 5G iPhone.
According to report from Fast Company saying that Apple is planning to use Intel's 8161 5G modem in its 2020 iPhone hardware, the report claims, despite Apple allegedly being unhappy with Intel at the current time.

Whether its a rumour or not, we've learnt that a lot of heat is being generated using 8060 modem. Meanwhile the report stated some other issues that may arise from using the device which include, battery life reduction using millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum results in higher-than-normal thermal levels inside the phone.

So because all this recorded issue Apple is unhappy with Intel which might actually delay the deployment for now if not beyond 2020, but they are currently liaising with other company.

We are hoping to see this before 2020 but following the rumour and the report from many source that mean we should be expecting 5G iPhone in 2020.

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