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Google start working on Dark Mode feature in Android Q as latest version of Android

Which version of Android do you have on your device? Android world keep expanding as we've seen them already working on Android Q making it first update in 2019 though they've not started rolling it out but hoping to have it soon.
We've already have Android Pie in circulation even though not every devices has gotten it but in due they'll surely have it except its not among qualified device. If you use latest devices then ready to receive it, in case you're not getting pop up notification kindly check under setting to download manually then you're good to go.

As it has been announced the latest Android version called Android Q will be coming live soon because it has been tested by Google employee which was announced to be coming with Dark mode , meanwhile we've heard from Google long while ago implementing dark mode on all it favourite apps. For instance we've seen Google rolling out to YouTube and some other apps like that.

Now its not a news again as Google employee has made us know that a system-wide dark mode will be included with Android Q. 

Dark mode is an approved Q feature which will be supported by all preloaded apps. In order to ship dark mode successfully, we need all UI elements to be ideally themed dark by May 2019."

The employee went on to say that the team working on Chrome should ensure the browser has a setting to enable Dark Mode and to modify the core UI elements to fit the theme. He also said there will be a master setting for Dark Mode.

Shortly after the thread was discovered, its permissions were changed so that only Google employees could view it, which could suggest that system-wide dark mode is indeed coming. Because this is the internet, though, screenshots of the thread were taken before it was hidden from the public's view.

It is true that Google is working on something different this time and may be out soon though their's no fact and factual telling us when exactly it will start rolling out. However, all the features listed including system-wide dark mode will be coming with Android Q.

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