OnePlus 7 phone photo shared with no normal notch feature and front-facing camera - TECH NEWS AND TRICKS


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OnePlus 7 phone photo shared with no normal notch feature and front-facing camera

OnePlus has been known with an high end standard phone just as we've seen in OnePlus 6T which was launch couple of months ago with notch and since then it fans has been anticipating of what they have next in line. 
In response to these a photo has been shared to give then a little insight of what they are coming with. Their next phone is OnePlus 7 but the most amazing is that their nothing like notch and camera at the front just we've seen in 6T though its a rumour but if finally true what's OnePlus trying to explain to folks.

Could it be they have it somewhere else apart from top display as others? Considering that we don't see any front camera on the device as well as the fact that there's a round cutout in the case above the screen, it's possible that the OnePlus 7 will adopt a slider form factor. There's another cutout in this case above the display that could be used where some sensors are stored.

Well! we aren't expecting something of lower standard from them so we're waiting to have the best coming from them.

OnePlus 7 phone appear to have an alert slider on its right side, above the power button. That's the same place that the OnePlus 6T's alert slider is at, though it's black while the OnePlus 7's is red. The OnePlus 7 also appears to have earpiece holes that are similar to the OnePlus 6T.

We hope OnePlus 7 bring us the best just like moving from big notch to smaller notch so maybe OnePlus is surprising folk this time moving to new form factor and eliminating the notch altogether.

Let keep looking out, meanwhile we'll bring you more update about it.

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