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Samsung Galaxy Fold Finally Undergo Durability Assessment

Hi, I'm sure we're all following the Samsung Galaxy Fold update, meanwhile this is said to be launch next month but seems it's revealing another view on it durability. In a simple test carried out it was discovered that Galaxy Fold is quite flexible that even you can fold and unfold up to 200,000 times in which I'm very sure no one could do that in a day.
So let assume you buy and use for 5 years then you'll have folding span of about 100 times a day and am very sure you might not be able to exhaust that per day.
Galaxy Fold is spotted to be one of it best though we have Motorola and Huawei competing but we'll be waiting to see what both offers, do not forget we've shared with you sometimes back the features of Galaxy Fold.

If you haven't read anything about it then stumble on our previous post, however the price could be $1,980 an will be launch on April 26th, 2019.

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