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You can now subscribe for MTN Startimes Hourly Bundle Plans with just N150

My love for technology is heavy, imagine just having everything on your mobile phone, the era of conventional method has gone, do you believe that the function rendered by Television set , your app can also do it even more and convenient.
 What am I saying in essence? I'm sure you aware of some app that allow you to connect to TV stations and watch programs, and so nice enough it does not consumes data so very friendly and does not occupy phone space.

Even sometime you ask yourself that can this small MB app work perfectly and it definitely working like magic, what is the story all about? No more complain when their's no light as you can still watch TV programs from Startimes app and will serve you just like your Television set.

I'm going to be showing you some of the programs and station available on Startimes, do you also know that MTN now allow user to subscribe conveniently bringing Hourly Bundle plans. Here are the available plans 750MB for N150 (24hours validity), streaming time is 1 hour and the second plan is for 2.2GB for N400 (24 hours validity), streaming time is 3 hours

Any of the plan you opt for will enable you to stream programs and stations which include; Channels, TV shows, Kungfu, sport etc I'm seeing this as easy way to shift from TV and stay somewhere quietly with your phone to enjoy programs, not power interruption. Startimes app is available on PlayStore and Apple Store, alternatively you can download here, it absolutely free.

Choose your choice here
  • To subscribe for the 1 hour plan, sms ST to 131
  • To subscribe for the 3 hours plan, sms ST1 to 131

Startimes bringing easiest part of life, keep enjoying!

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