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Files or application always corrupt on your android or other Smartphone.

I know this sound funny to you but the truth is you can’t even explain why your application always keep destroying or affecting your sdcard or memory card. Let me tell you want you don’t know a little mistake or careless can destroy a decade work so don’t allow that to happen to you.
Many things may be the cause of this problem so I will like to mention some of this problem and the likely solution.

Absence of antivirus
If there is no antivirus on your phone it can cause a lot of damage to your phone, before there was no antivirus for some small phones, but now you can get antivirus to scan your phone intermittently just get the compatible one for your phone and keep it save.

Receiving application from other phone or unknown source
This is also risky sending files from someone phone to another without knowing the status of the phone , even downloading from the internet at time is also risky if the website is not virus free. In particular some application are loaded or uploaded to far website so it’s better to download directly from the app store which is still much better and save. Remember some virus is more powerful than the antivirus install on your phone.

Antivirus not Updated
Having an antivirus on your phone doesn’t mean anything,  a car without any further assistance from anyone to trigger the move it will keep staying the same spot.  So having an antivirus at time might not safe your phone like keeping it updated always.

Not running scan on your phone always
I think that one is straight forward and simple, you must try as much as possible to scan your phone in order to prevent virus from entering and to keep the antivirus active.

Don’t remove the memory or sdcard without shutting down you phone
This is more dangerous which can lead to many thing, it can cause you phone to be hanging , even it can destroy your operating system which mean you can’t access your menu or files again and the only solution is to perform some reset. If you can still access your menu but some files or application is not working properly just quickly run your factory reset in order to prevent the virus from spreading but if you can’t access menu again just perform the hard reset and get back your phone to default or factory design
With this basis at least your phone is save and free from virus, and your phone life span is secure.

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