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How to enjoy Internet without having browsing mobile data on Android , iPhone

This tutorial will give you insight on how to access internet even after exhausting your browsing mobile data so don’t be in haste to leave here. Many people have been asking on how to do this but the time is here to tell you all you need to do is to follow the step that will be stated below.

WiFi map Mobile

Before I proceed I will like to talk about VPN (virtual private network) because some people doesn’t know how it works so be patient to know, VPN is best in accessing some website that has some restriction or maybe the website doesn’t allow your country to access the information on it then VPN is useful in changing the IP for you in other to access the information on it anyway that’s not the topic before me here if you want to know how to use VPN just click here.
As I said earlier this will help you to enjoy more time on internet without using your mobile data again, you ask me how is that possible so let get going.

Note: You need to have mobile data in order to download the application that you would need after that just ON the data.
== > Go to play store and type on search “WiFi Map” or click to download 
== > Then click on download , accept and install directly on your phone

Note: Remember to enable your location access then launch the application
== > Then wait for it to load the locations, if it doesn’t load your location just click on search and type your state, country etc.
== >  Put ON your WiFi to be able to locate and connect
== > Click on the location that would be display
This application load through your network displaying all WiFi in your locality as soon as it displays that just click on a location listing out WiFi users and password then you can connect to keep enjoying your internet.

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