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How to hard reset and Factory Reset on Infinix Hot Note or any Android Smartphone

You can keep using your android phone as long as you want without talking to technician for any repair. Am going to teach you how you can perform maintain your android phone using factory reset tools to restore all to factory or default setting.  If you notice any stupid performance on your phone or maybe some application is not working properly again or maybe you want to sell out your phone then you need to perform full factory reset in order not to divulge you data to some else because all your information will remain on cache memory until you factory reset or restore to default.

factory reset

How to do factory reset
Go to Menu == > settings == > click all then scroll down to locate == > Back up and Reset

On the process you get a prompt message that data will be deleted just click reset phone
Then you see another navigation page click on Erase Everything and your phone start the reset
After the reset you see new window look which mean you’ve successfully done your factory reset. Then you can follow the steps to finish the proper configuration.

How to perform Phone hard reset
If your phone is not loading to menu or hanging or may be the operating system is damage due to one application install on it then you can use this method I mean when you are unable to enter the setting for the factory resets then the next is hard reset the step is simple. One of my friend took her phone to a technician to put in place for her so after getting it done she pick up her friends phone and send some application from her phone, not know that there is one application that has virus so after the installation the phone repeat the same problem which she went to fix not even up to 30min so what would be the solution because if she take it back that will be another payment. How long would she continue to pay someone to fix it up for her, when she called and report the issue I told her that she can fix it up by herself she said how and I put her through on phone so am going to teach you here too.

Hard reset

How to do that
Step: Remove the phone battery and insert back
Note: If your phone battery cannot be removing just Press and hold Power button until it trip off.
As soon as you see that it’s off immediately re-press and hold power button and down volume button that is you are going to press this two buttons together simultaneously and hold then. Power ON + Down Volume button
Then you are going to see another information coming up immediately but some phone settings are different,  before it can show the information after pressing power and down volume button you still need to press minimize button alone then you can now proceed with the next information display in color.

Android system recovery utility
Reboot system now
Apply update from sdcard
Apply update from cache
Wipe data/factory reset
Wipe cache partition
Backup user data
Restore user data

Then use your down volume button to move to selection and press up volume button to select or or option button or power button depending on the phone configuration. So move with down volume button to wipe cache partion and select, and then move to wipe data/factory reset and select on it finally scroll t o reboot system now and wait for the operation to be completed. After that you phone has become branded one you can continue your configuration.
Note: At time you might need to connect your charger in order to power it
After this your phone is fully factory reset so keep enjoying your brand new phone.
I will advise you to backup your data including all you application on someone’s phone or to an sdcard before you perform the factory reset but if you are performing hard reset this might not possible. You can do this as many time as possible, it doesn’t cause any phone damage.

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