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Rooting your android or tablet without using PC | so simple and easy

Have you been looking for easy way to root your Android phone, here today you are going to learn some few things about your android and how to root them. Even though some people don't know what rooting is but you are lucky to be here reading this post. 

What does rooting mean?
Rooting your android or tablet simply mean by passing android protection which allow you to have full access to many features including those that are hidden from you, it allow you to have more access to some application that you cannot install ordinarily because of the tight security

Rooting also give you the full access to install and remove any application at anytime including permission grant. Finally in a simple sense Rooting is the process of getting free from Android restriction.

We have two method that can help you accomplish your rooting, rooting directly from your phone using Kingo Root or PC. Kingo Root is available on their official website and can be downloaded directly to your phone  or download Kingo  Root tool to your desktop PC and root your device via cable. You can also click here to know more or download the latest version of the kingoroot

Note: You'll need a stable and strong connection for your rooting process to be accomplished.

It is advisable to download your device directly form their official page provided above to avoid other 

>> After you might have install your device then you can proceed with the steps that follows
>> Remember we are using PC , Launch the KingoRoot from your PC 
>> Connect your phone to PC via cable and allow PC to read through your phone
>> During the installation you might have some decision to make  like do you want to bypass android protection,  "Click I understand Install anyway"

Your PC count through to 100% and after that you have your phone rooted perfectly otherwise you do it again
Then go back to your phone menu you would see kingroot and kinguser just click on kingroot to confirm if this is perfectly done.
Note: When you rooting is going on you are not meant to switch off your phone or mobile connection

When your rooting is properly done then it allow you to tweak, change your phone, download custom phone and soon.

Rooting your phone is very good and might be dangerous to your phone if not properly handled by professional or those that know it more better, so be careful and read through very well before you start because no one will be responsible for any lost.

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