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Turn your android phone to an iPhone 6 within few minute

I will like to teach you how to turn an android phone into iPhone 6 with simple trick using iPhone 6 launcher software. Although it might not look exactly but am sure you can still enjoy iPhone 6 home screen display with awesome wallpaper. The trick is for android user as it is being stated in the topic so pick up your phone and follow the simple steps that will be listed below.

Step 1: Connect to internet by switching ON your data
Step 2: Go to play store and click on search
Step 3: Search for iPhone 6 launcher
Some lists of applications will be display then try and locate this [One launcher]
Step 4: click and install

After installing the application and launch it then you’ve succeeded in turning your android phone to iPhone 6. The application is free, fast, simple, elegant with best flat style launcher so what are you waiting for just try it today to enjoy the awesome iPhone 6 look.

How to remove the application from your phone
Step 1: Go to settings
Step 2: click on the apps
Step 3: locate one launcher and click on it then uninstall

This application doesn’t cause any problem to your phone so don’t accommodate fear because it is virus free.  As we share this information here you too can also share it with people for them to enjoy it.
We have more to share with but you comment is very much important so don’t forget to always drop your comment here, also if you have advice, question or suggestion  for us kindly beep or send your message to admin directly and it will be attended to as soon as possible  

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