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How to share mobile hotspot via your android phone using VPN application

Virtual private network (VPN) helps you to bypass some android rules, it allow you to access so many websites with restriction.  It allows you to enjoy perfect and unlimited tweaking on your phone.  Here I will like to mention some VPN applications which can allow you to share networks such as Psiphon Handler, simple server, Droidvpn, Tunnel Guru and so on.  In this tutorial I will teach you how to share your network after your VPN connection with your PC, by tethering via WiFi Hotspot or USB.

Before I proceed with this tutorial I want you to know that we have two method of sharing or tethering network with PC:

  • Using USB cable with some application
  • Using Hotspot without cable

Ordinarily people believe you can only share your network or internet with your PC using cable but am going to teach you how to share via WiFi even with another mobile phones just follow me in the tutorial.

Some things to know:
  • You need to root your phone before it can work
  • You need to download root browser
 Click any of the links to download  from Play Store click here, direct link
  • Locate the download == > click open
  • Check box ==> Never show this again ==> then click on yes.
  • Just wait for the utilities files to download
  • Just click “No Thanks” when ROM Toolbox! Pop up
  • You also need “hotspot” file. Click here to download
  • You will also Terminal Emulator, click here to Download

How to configure it:
Open the first downloaded application [root browser ] locate downloaded “hotspot” file, then long press on the file select move or copy the file to /system/bin/(like this directory)
That is,  you are going to Copy-Hotspot-File-Using-Root-Browser

 After pasting the application copied, long press on it and click permission and Change the “hotspot” file permission to 0777 or rwxrwxrws.
Now the next is to connect to vpn, then open terminal emulator, type

        su then press enter key or next line key        hotspot then press enter key or next line key
 Finally minimize the terminal emulator while it keeps running in the background then start your hotspot tethering from setting.
That’s all you need to know on how to share your internet over hotspot with your PC and other Smartphone

If you are not sure or you are doubting the application just because it doesn’t work on your phone just try your sharing via cable I think with that you will be able to give testimony but only one restriction is that you can’t share other phone via cable just only your PC and no more. 

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