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How to Make SIRI more Secure on your iPhone

This post will teach you how to secure you SIRI, in the recent post I discussed about how to setup you SIRI artificial intelligent on iPhone most especially if you are using 4s and latest. SIRI is an iPhone artificial intelligent features which serves as an helping hand to get many things done on your iPhone. It can answer your questions, send messages, make calls,and some other functions.

Many people secure their iPhone with a passcode and few others don’t. Siri can override you passcode and anyone can easily get access to your iPhone and use it. In order to prevent Siri from overriding the passcode and make your iPhone more secure.

How to set up 

Go to Settings => General => Passcode Lock.
Turn the “Allow access to Siri when locked with a passcode” option to OFF.
Exit settings.

How does Siri works?

Siri works with almost all the built-in apps on iPhone 4S and latest. Here is a list of apps and services that Siri works with:

Phone and Contacts,FaceTime,Dictation,Music and Movies,Mail and Messages,Calendar,Reminders and Notes., Weather,Shazam,Stocks,Web Search,Find My Friends,Post on Facebook,Twitter,Alarms, World Clock and Timer,Wolfram Alpha (English),Wikipedia search,Sports,Apps launch,Maps (USA),Local search with Yelp (USA)

Languages that SIRI understand:

Remember their is no specific predefined command that SIRI listen to , SIRI listen to all your command and instructions even most people use it to catch fun to chat with their virtual friend. so all is for you to give SIRI instruction and command to follow and to give you meaningful answer to your request.

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