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How to Set Up and Use SIRI on iPhone

I will like to teach you how to setup SIRI application on latest iPhone most especially if you are using 4s and latest. SIRI is an iPhone artificial intelligent features which serves as an helping hand to get many things done on your iPhone. It can answer your questions, send messages, make calls,and some other characteristic functions.

You can use Siri hands-free when your iPhone is plugged into a power source.Siri works hands-free by voice command so you can do rest of the things with both your hands. It can show you route to your destination, schedule appointments, make reminders etc. SIRI is always connected to sites like Wikipedia,Wolfram Alpha and other online services to answer your questions.

Requirements to Use Siri

1. You must have a latest iPhone like iPhone 4s and other latest version of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.
2. Internet access via Wi-Fi or Cellular Data.

Siri and slide the little button to ‘ON’.
Choose your language, your voice feedback preferences and your contact book profile.
This will help Siri understand and learn who you are and it can begin creating ‘relationships’ such as Dad. Mom, Wife, Sister, Brother, Boss etc.
Enable ‘Raise to Speak’. If you enable or activate this setting then whenever you pick up the iPhone and hold it near your ear, Siri will automatically activate.

How to use SIRI

==> Press and hold the “Home” button of the iPhone. Siri will get activated and open.
==> You can also hold your iPhone up to your ear if you have enabled the ‘Raise to Speak’ option.

Now you will hear two quick beep sound. This means that Siri is active now and ready to help you.
Now you can ask Siri a question and it will answer. You can also ask it to perform a task such as calling someone, sending a text message or an email. Siri will start its job once you have stopped talking. Optionally you can also press the microphone icon on the screen to tell Siri that you are done speaking and it should now answer your question or perform the task.
If you have asked Siri to call someone such as “Call Dad”, it will place the call. If you have are looking for an answer, it will answer the question. If you have asked to send a text message, it will show you a draft of the message before it is sending. You can say “Send” to send the message or you can also touch the send option physically.

After setting up following the steps mention above then you artifial intellignet personel is activated to assist you in doing manything you want to do, keep talking to your virtual friend and keep enjoying SIRI.

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