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Easy way to top up your line via MTN VTU service and How to Purchase it

This another easy way to top up your line via MTN VTU,  it allows customer to subscribe directly to data service and logical pin in order to transfer or subscribe for friends and family.

MTN VTU is just simple way to top up your line from different terminals like ATM, Online Banking, and different MTN outlets. What makes it different is that it allows customer to top up their account with airtime from any VTU terminals at any point in time.

Note :VTU Services are available at any registered MTN office or dealer shop nationwide.

This service is available on all line irrespective of your tariff, you can still enjoy the service without a charge.

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Who can use MTN VTU ?

All MTN prepaid and post-paid customers.


    Load or send logical pins to other MTN customers.
    Renew data plans.
    Subscribe and activate any MTN data bundle service on your line.
    Buy airtime directly into your MTN hynet devices and fixed land lines.
    Enables you to check and track your airtime balance.

Additional Benefits

MTN VTU service is free.

MTN VTU allows you purchase data bundle plan directly from an ATM machine.

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How to buy a logical pin?

   ==  Select your purchase option.
   ==  Enter airtime amount and phone number to recharge.
   ==  Receive Successful transaction text message.

What value of airtime can be topped up via MTN VTU?

Value amount between 50.00 NGN (Fifty Naira) and 50,000.00 (Fifty thousand Naira)

If by any means you want to buy more than 50,000.00(Fifty thousand Naira) just try to purchase multiple amount of 50,000.00 (Fifty thousand Naira)VTU and your account will be credited. As i said ealier this method is simple an d easy to use mind you their is no additional charge on the service. keep using and share with others.

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