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Mtn, Glo, Etisalat and Airtel Data Plans @ cheaper rate for 2016

If you are a good internet surfer, you cannot do without accessing internet within 24 hrs so am here to give you the easy and cheaper way to get the plan for lesser price. we have different networks but commonly use in Nigeria are Glo, MTN, Etisalat and Airtel so am going to limite my topic on this four networks.

Don't be surprise coming up with this topic because all this network and plans are existing before, I just want to update and add some little tips  to make this 2016 better.

MTN, Glo, Etisalat and Airtel blackberry subscription / balance codes

Note: the plans listed here will work on Android Phones, computers, iPhones, Microsoft devices too.

Cheapest data plan on Etisalat

==> Etisalat 1GB For N1,000

Note: This plan works on all smartphone and PC without any personal configuration.

How to Subscribe to Etisalat 1gb for 1000 naira Data plan
To subscribe for this package, Dial *929*9# . Their is no abnormal charge on this so you can enjoy your plan perfectly.

Cheapest data plan on Airtel NG

You can use this network depending on the network signal in your area but it is only suitable for accessing internet rather than downloading,  If you love this recommend Airtel 1GB for N1,000. It doesn’t zap like the rest abnormal plan.

How to Subscribe to Airtel 1gb for 1000 naira Data plan

To subscribe for this plan, dial *141*1*3#

Cheapest MTN Data Plan
Mtn have so many data plans in which you can select your choice depending on the capability but i will suggest the 2gb for 1000 naira Data plan on blackberry, though this plan doesn't work on android except blackberry alone but with little trick you can enjoy this.

To subscribe dial BBC to 21600 or click here to check the full plan


You can can also buy plan from any MTN oulet

Airtel releases new data plans with the subscription codes

Those of you who are using MTN, of cos BBLited still works perfectly well with Simple Server and Psiphon. Just check here for configuration.

Unlimited tweaking, streaming and downloading on mobile phone

Cheapest Glo Data Plans

Glo is just like any other network mention above which has a good data bundle plan. it has an encouraging internet speed which make it different from other networks. Generally, glo Subscription are cheap and very affordable. They have plans ranging from just 200 naira to thousands of Naira. Good thing is that you can use Glo Campus Data Booster to top your data when you subscribe

To subscribe *777# to view all the available plan

Do you know you can also use blackberry plan on your android phone? All you need to do is to change your android IMEI number to any blackberry IMEI.

If you have any other plan here to to share with people in order to enjoy and keep rocking internet together.

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