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Quick offline Facebook Service by MTN and how to activate

MTN has provide another alternative to access Facebook without having browsing phone. It's time to stop No Internet? No Problem! issue,  You can still enjoy Facebook without Internet Charges with the New Quick offline Facebook Service from MTN.

The type or capabilities of phone you are using is not a problem for you to access Facebook, MTN provide a provide possible instant access service to enjoy your Facebook account using the USSD channels.

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Don't tell me you dont know about what am saying , I believe by chance you've receive the message to your phone but the problem is that we don't take cognizance of the message delivered to our phone by MTN.

We have different plans here base on your choice, daily , weekly, monthly just choice your choice by following the procedure highlighted below:

For you to enjoy the service kindly dial *510# and subscribe to Daily, Weekly, Monthly subscriptions.

Daily         N5     1 day
Weekly         N25     7 days
Monthly     N100     30 days

Some tips about using this MTN Quick Facebook?

1. subscribe by dialing USSD Code *510#
2. You cannot subscribe through SMS. You can only subscribe via USSD
3. No usage charges for MTN Quick Facebook. Only subscription charges apply

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Steps to sign in to your MTN quick facebook account      

            == Dial USSD Code *510# and wait for a prompt.
            == Submit your Facebook Username & Password.
            == Following successful login, you will be presented with the Facebook Menu.
            == Selecting any Facebook Menu Option, you will be prompted to agree to the subscription charges.
            == Once subscription is accepted, your service will be activated.


1. You cannot use MTN Quick Facebook without having existing  Facebook Account.
2. MTN Quick Facebook is the same as the Facebook on the internet?
3. Facebook for USSD does not need Mobile Internet / GPRS / 2G / 3G.
4. It is compatible will all GSM Phones.
5. You can access your timeline by following below steps.

    Dial *510# and wait for the response.
    A USSD Menu will pop up with different options.
    Enter 1 for News feed.

Can I Unsubscribe from the service?

The simple step you follow when you want to activate is what are still going to follow to deactivate the service if you are tired using the package, to unsubscribe from the Quick Facebook service, just dial *510*22#. After dailing the USSD code kindly wait for reply from the network confirming your deactivation.

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