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How to open PayPal account in Nigeria without paying any kobo

I will like to share what I have learnt from chatting with professionals on how to open PayPal account right here in Nigeria. I will like to highlight some things you need to know about opening this account.
Do you know that paypal are concerned about your IP address as a Nigerian.?

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All they need is how to verify your account with a working Bank Card.

And I discover some reasons why many couldn't succeed in opening the account which I will be listing out below and if you are able to get all this requirement then you are good to go.

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1. Valid ID Card (Voters or Driver or National ID card).
2. Email address that have not been used to sign up before.
3. Nigerian Bank ATM Card (GTBank, UBA, Sterling, Diamond) and other bank that allow online payment transaction but it must be master card.
4. UAE Phone Number and Address (click here for the phone number and address), when the page open, search any shop or office like bridal trail, barber shops, hairsalon etc. And copy their address and phone number.
5. Dubai Post Office Box numbers, you can also get it through the about link.

when you have all the above requirements then you can proceed with your PayPal account opening.
  == visit here
== select account type [Personal or Business account].
== Fill in your correct Name, (for business fill inyour business name) and every other requirements.
== Put the address Post Office Box numbers (already copied address , for city - Dubai and country united Arab emirate).
== put in the phone number (already copied number but make sure you remove last digit of the number for it not go through when paypal call and then they email you on your correct email that you fill above. And from there  you give your Nigeria phone number.
== Confirm the link sent to your email.
== put in your bank card details.
== Verify your account (after some hours PayPal will deduct money from your card $0.01 and refund you after your account is verified). Your bank will notify you via email and text to your phone with the transaction. The alert comes with a 4 digit code that you use to verify your account.

Note: you may receive the alert more than one stating the deduction , don't be affraid all the money will be refund back to your account.
For any issue report you can message the careline or call from 2pm downward preferably use Etisalat network (for the sake that they are a United Arab Company).
After creating your account you can click here to join my platform or on facebook for more updates.
Your comments, questions and contributions are needed for any modification.
Thanks to Michael William

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