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How to add Location to your posts on Facebook

Share your location with friends on facebook along side with your update status. This is not new, I believe you should have seen it one time or the other on one of your friend's facebook status.

As I said early on this is not totally new to some people because they have been seeing it while some have been using it but I just have to share it for thr benefit of those that doesn't know it.

How to enable or add presnt Location on Facebook.
Currently this can be done perfectly on mobile phone, just login to your facebook account from your mobile phone or click here for you to be able to add your location from computer.

Directly under the update status box, you will see an MORE , click on it and select add location then type in your current location and search.

When the list of location is display then select your location and click on post.
The Location you added will start appearing next to all your future updates(Regardless of which device you use) until you change the location.

NOTE: the same location will keep displaying until you select another location, to disable location ,just click on the little “X” mark in front of the “Your city” text.

It is very simple and straight forward to understand so no expert knowledge is needed.

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