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How to use cheat engine to modify games and other applications

After installing your cheat engine tools then you can now download other apps from it, remember cheat engine allow you to modify your applications including games as i said in the previous post. Here are the steps to follow;

Step 1: If your cheat engine is installed properly then let play game ,starting with Plannet vs Zombies it follow the link  : Download

Step 2: Download Game

Step 3: After Downloading then run the game

Step 4: Now After Opening This Game , Run Cheat Engine and click on open process icon as show in below screen shot .

Step 5: From The Opening process click on plants vs. zombies.exe and click on open.

Step 6: Now You have to select the value that you want to change . Now click on First Scan.

Step 7: Now change the value that you want to change .  For example change the value from 25 to 100 and click on address manually button .

How to configure manually

Step 1 : After selecting the process you have to enter the value that you want to change . Enter it in value field .

Step 2 : Double-click on the value. In the example, it's 100. When you double-click on the value, you have the option below in the “Add Address Manually” table. Now double-click on 100 in the "Add Address Manually” table.

Step 3 : Change the value. In the Change Value window, for example, change 100 to a huge value like 99999999, and click “OK." Double-check your new value in the game. In Plants vs. Zombies, for instance, there are now 9999999 suns.

That's it You are done , But We are having some Warning for you . As you know This is Hacking Software and Hacking = Risk . So Must Read Below Warning Before you Actually use This Software..

Note: Never choose more than one value from the left box as it may close down your Internet. Make sure all the steps are follow strictly and apropriately.

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